Sports, or not

March Madness. I’m not much of a basketball fan. Never have been. I’m not sure why but watching the game is just exhausting to me. I’d rather see a good hockey game.

We cut our cable a few years ago. I figured I’d really miss the sports channels because of baseball (Cardinals and Tigers), football (Lions), and hockey (Redwings). Turns out, not so much. Oh, I still enjoy a game when they happen to be broadcast locally, but I don’t miss avidly following the teams. Along the way, I have a lot more time for life.


I’m a multitasker at heart. I work in information technology and it’s not uncommon for people in my line of work to have fifteen different things going on simultaneously. I’m not talking 15 projects in the queue but rather 15 actual windows open on the computer, switching between them as they work.

It’s a skill most of us are proud to have and I always have people gasp in amazement as I switch between windows, type a few commands and then move on to the next. I have heard the comment, “you type faster than I think.”

There is a drawback, however, and I’m starting to see it. There is a benefit to deep thinking, the kind of thinking that requires some focus and ignoring distractions. So, I am learning to close out several windows and look at one thing at a time. The benefits – I’m finishing certain types of tasks faster and learning more from my experiences on those tasks.

This is particularly true with Bible study. I’ve always heard that it’s important to find a quiet place and that means more to me now than it did a couple of years ago. When I need to focus on that study, I hide in my office or even at a table in the public library from time to time. The solitude and quiet makes all the differences in my own thoughts and my openness to the Holy Spirit.


I recently had a personal business deal go south. I won’t go into specifics because I may end up with lawyers wrangling over it but one thing really sticks out in my mind. The whole thing happened because the other side of the deal quit talking. No answers to phone calls, no return calls, no replies to text messages, and they hung up in the middle of the last call as I was trying to get information so I could proceed with next steps. I was (starting out) ready to be in a really lenient mood and try to help out, but I had to rearrange a ton of scheduled activities due to the delays.

Sometimes, problems in life can be solved by a really simple thing. Talk to each other. That’s it. Just talk.


A character I read about in a novel recently was noted for having the ability to negotiate deals where both sides won. Too many people do not even think that such a thing is possible. It’s too bad, because it usually is possible, if people enter negotiations in an open and honest fashion.

I think that is nowhere more evident than in politics. There is no doubt at all in my mind that one side of the political spectrum in this country is convinced that both sides cannot win and it drives EVERYTHING they do. You figure out which one.

Why the D?